* I'm in LOVE!!!!!!  you do amazing work, you are so very talented!!!  thanks so much for getting the pics back so quick.  love, love, love them!!  :o)    and the password is classic!!  those pics get funnier and funnier every time i look at them.  you definitely captured the moment, you rock girl.  sending the link to the grandparents and will let you know what we want to order.  :o)    thanks again! - Rachel R.


  *Thank you to the awesome and talented Angela Holden for these amazing portraits!

I highly, highly recommend this pro photographer! -Jeanette B.


  *Hey Angela,  I love them!!!! So many great pictures!! You are darn good!!!

I will buy the CD of all the pictures again. -Diana A.


  *your card arrived appropriately yesterday and won hands down our annual Christmas card competition.

As far as I can remember, yours always won the grand prize. - Blanka B.


  *I can't wait to get the albums :)  I also can't wait to do this all again but this time with the WHOLE family

(including hubby and bro) - Sejal P.


  *These are soooooo  NICE!!!! You are very talented!!!! - Tonia W.


  *They are sooooooooooo cute!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Megan F.


  *thanks! Everyone loves my cards:) - Monica R.


  *Angela you are truly a PRO!!! - Nina S.


  *It is so hard to pick.  You truly have a gift taking pictures. -Kimberly S.


  *OMG !!!  I love them!  Would like to order some photos separately for Christmas gifts too! - Lynaia Z.